Mean Girls at August Wilson Theatre

Mean Girls Tickets

August Wilson Theatre | New York, New York

It is the show everyone is talking about. It is the cultural phenomenon – Mean Girls! This September, New York City will host the iconic Mean Girls for an evening of epic proportions. The leading actors will bring a class act to New York for an incredible evening of live entertainment that will showcase talent beyond imagination! Prepare to immerse yourself in the incredible storyline of Mean Girls and be taken to the world this performance has prepared for you. Save the date, Sunday 13th September 2020, and get your tickets quick!

Mean Girls at August Wilson Theatre

Not often do we get opportunities to learn things about ourselves, and often when we do, we don't listen. However, theatre teaches us about ourselves. It helps us to think about how our minds work, and also how the minds of others work. This is key in developing personalities and creating a society where people understand fundamentals such as empathy. It helps us to see how the environments in which we live affect who we are and who we will become. These stories which are told to us in a completely individual way are all thanks to the incredible shows that theater offers. One theater in particular, the world famous August Wilson Theatre is hosting an unprecedented amount of new shows on their stage, such as Mean Girls on Sunday 13th September 2020. So why not come down and see an awesome show?

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